Jabor Landfill


Client: Cypark Resources Berhad 
Products used: High strength geotextile, Non-woven geotextile, HDPE pipe, Geogrid geotextile
Year: 2012

Kuantan Jabor-Jerangau Landfill was first opened in 1993 as the designated landfill for municipal solid waste for the Kuantan town, Pahang, Malaysia. Apart from the landfill, there is also a leachate treatment plant installed at the landfill for treatment of leachate prior to their discharge to the nearby drain. However, because of the increase of solid waste sent to the landfill and there is a lack of additional space to handle the load, part of the landfill had to be closed and upgraded. Huls Engineering which is an expert in geosynthetic materials had came out with a solution of constructing a 'Geogrid Wall' as well as to supply and install geosynthetic materials including manpower to resolve space issues at the landfill.