St. Regis Langkawi


Client: Integrated Nautical Resort Sdn Bhd
Products used: Sand container system, Non-woven geotextile
Year: 2014

This project aimed to create a lagoon with a permanent water body at all stages of tide and to create a sandy beach and a lagoon with a lagoon with a sandy bottom. Huls Engineering had come out with the solutions which are to construct a fringing reef breakwater to retain the water and placed the sand inside the lagoon to create a sandy bottom. Breakwater was constructed for about 600m length using sand container system as the main material while non-woven geotextile are laid to prevent the mud and silt from being suspended. Meanwhile, rocks were used to cover the sand container system and sand obtained from the land base sources. However, a tidal gate is provided in the breakwater to allow of the lagoon if necessary for maintenance.